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2018 International Basketball 3x3 Challenge Jiangsu Huai'an Station

publictime: 2018-07-10

The most eye-catching "Helping Group" on Huai'an Station is the fans who have driven nearly 300 kilometers from Wuxi to cheer for the Wuxi Huiyi team! Wuxi Huiyi’s hometown of Wuxi’s hometown challenged a week ago, although it failed to qualify from the qualifying round, but as a foreign card team, it can kill the third place in the 2017 China Three-on-Three League Changzhou Qida Group. People look at each other! This time, Huai'an, Wuxi Huiyi's cheering group provided the team with a combat power bonus.

In the qualifiers, Wuxi Huizhen and Dalian China Hong Kong Education and Beijing have played two "King of the North" in the same group. In the first match against the strong Dalian China-Hong Kong education, Wuxi Huiyi shunned the weight and bite the score. Wu Chenhong hit the long-term three-pointer and Wuxi Huiyi first got 21 points to solve the battle.

In the second battle of Beijing, Zhao Yidu and Wang Zhenguo took turns to pressure the opponent's outside shooters. The whole game only allowed the opponent to get 14 points. Wuxi Huiyi went to the next city and was close to the group stage.

In the face of the world's eighth-ranked Belgrade (Belgrade), when the first TV was suspended, Wuxi Huiyi 4:5 bite the score, after which Belgrade strengthened the restrictions on the main breakup Wu Chenhong, and successively used the offensive and defensive conversion points, Belgrade In one fell swoop, 22 points ended the black horse road of Wuxi Huiyi.

Nanjing, Wuxi, Huai'an - "One Belt, One Road" 2018 International Basketball 3x3 Challenge Jiangsu three races all came to an end. The Jiangsu Basketball Association and Wenyuan Technology once again joined hands to introduce the world's top basketball events to Jiangsu. Relying on the support and professional guidance of the International Basketball Federation and the China Basketball Association, I believe that there will be more basketball feasts on the land of Jiangsu to enter the vision of the people of Jiangsu, and to send you a more professional, more popular and more attractive viewing. Experience!